The Story Artist Mentorship 2021

A year long story intensive course with director Sergio Paez and a team of Pro Mentors

Become a faster, more skilled, more confident story artist. The Mentorship Program is designed to level up your career, and transform you into a confident VISUAL STORYTELLER.

  • Year long MENTORSHIP course
  • 12 Epic Modules
  • Sample Scripts & Story Exercises
  • Live Reviews Every 2 weeks
  • 100+ hours of Visual Storytelling Training
  • EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE DiscordGroup, Resources & More
  • Structured Exercises with PERSONAL CRITIQUE
  • Exclusive BONUS Content


Stephanie Gonzaga

Warner Bros, Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon. Currently an Episodic Director at Warner Bros.  

spyros tsiounis

Dreamworks, Laika, Lucasfilm, Paramount, Skybound, Sony

Alex chiu

Warner Bros, Netflix, Cartoon Network, Marvel. Currently an Episodic Director at Warner Bros.  

vaughn ross

Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, Paramount. Currently an Supervising Director at Warner Bros.  

steve lee

Marvel, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Sony. Episodic Director on Star Wars Rebels.  

calvin tsang

Blue Sky, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Disney.  

nick sung

Kuko, Locksmith Animation, Pixar, Airbnb. Returning in 2021 as a Guest Mentor.

Meet The mentors in a recent roundtable talk

The course is Led by Director Sergio Paez

Sergio Paez is an animation director and veteran story artist with over 20 years of industry experience. Sergio was most recently an episodic director on the Emmy Award winning series Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Rebels from Lucasfilm. His film credits in the United States and Europe include projects for Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony, and Sega. Sergio is a founding member of the visual storytelling community

artwork from our mentors

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  • 12 EPIC modules of intense training and learning visual storytelling from the inside out.
  • Real production assignments- as if you are working an actual studio. We focus entirely on developing your skills to handle complex scenes and visual story problems.
  • Learn the Film Language and develop your personal style! We not only go over shots and camera angles, but also dive into how to apply this to your own scenes and sensibilities to strengthen your own style and set you apart from others as a Story Artist!
  • Complete Portfolio Exercises- From comedy to actions scenes we are going to lay out the method to create winning scenes that you can use in your portfolio. Take your portfolio to the big studios with confidence.
  • Live Reviews every 2 weeks, Private Discord Group, weekly interactions  with your Mentors.
  • Become an absolute Bad-Ass at your studio, by acquiring unique story skills that put you in your own category. The skills you will learn in this course will train you up to confidently handle any story situation. This includes coming up with your own ideas for pitches and treatments.
  • Work from REAL SCRIPTS, REAL WORLD SCENE ASSIGNMENTS! This is not just theory. We are going to work with real material to be able to apply the skills we learn to your stories. Everything we do has a professional level focus so you can move forward in your career.
  • This is the LATEST, HIGHEST LEVEL, HIGHEST QUALITY STORY TRAINING CONTENT! And specifically designed to be able to handle stories inside a REAL PRODUCTION!
  • WE DO THIS COURSE - TOGETHER! In the Mentorship we work together as a group, and we will progress together each week as well as with your Mentors working side by side. The major difference between this course and other workshops, is this course will be designed for us to work together.  This is a chance to do something epic throughout this experience!


Even if you're just starting out. We will guide you along step by step

 If you are a designer or animator and want to improve your storytelling 

Even if you're currently working or have other life commitments


Updates From Kenny Vallenca Previous Mentorship Artist
Now working at Disney TV

Updates From Joe Williams  Previous Mentorship Artist
Now working as a freelance Story Artist

"I am in awe of this program and the dedication you all invest in it. I truly feel you guys raise the bar, but also leave plenty of breadcrumbs to help everyone find their way over it.
And Sergio. Dude. I think you are helping many non-believers, discover some magic in their pencils, and brains. You help connect people with their magic that is within. You are unlocking storytellers in all of us for crypes sake! And it's so exciting to be around and watching all these little hatchlings discover they have these little teeny wings, and with a LOT of work, what they can do with those wings. And I am one of them!!"

-Erik Kuska

" I got 2 different portfolio calls! I had a recruiter from DisneyTV ask for my portfolio for an upcoming show, and I should be hearing back from her in the beginning of January! (The position is only a few months long, but still!) THEN I got an email last week from Floyd County Productions to do a storyboard test for a full-time position! Thanks to the Mentorship, I've made a lot of strides in my work, and I'm so glad I took the chance to learn from you all!! Hopefully those emails are a sign of an upswing, and to keep pushing me to not give up.  

-Kylie Gay, now working at Disney TV

"I got a job offer as a junior storyboard artist from one of the animation studios in Vancouver.  But this is my first job as a storyboard artist in Canada and as you can imagine, the initial period of a career path is always busy to learn and catch up on all work stuff properly.  Thanks to Nick again, he supported me a lot in the morning when I had the job interviews.  I deeply appreciate all your hard work and a great mentorship program here."

-River Kim

"Big thanks for great and detailed comments!! I really love the process that after every pass you go deeper and deeper with comments and tips.  All that you say makes perfect sense. For me this is a perfect way to learn. I have already gotten from this mentorship more than I expected. Thanks!"

-Timo L

"I just wanted to write and say thanks for creating this for artists. I aspire to be a great storyteller, I know I have good ideas, but this is exactly what I need to get me moving in the right direction. I was accepted to USC’s master program and am so glad I didn’t go, otherwise in a few years I’d probably have a lifetime of debt. What you’re offering is so affordable and also priceless. So, thank you! "

-Ryan Gallet

"Thank you for taking the time to make such an extensive and specific review. I have found really useful resources on your comments.  I have reviewed a couple of times to get the best out of it. When you have asked me about some camera decisions or how these movements would work on real life, i just realize that some of them are truly hard to make in live action, and of course there are clarity issues and mostly technical issues when developing the ideas.

-Bruno Guaman

Mentorship Student Examples

Magnus Kravik

Judit Tondora

Kenny Vallenca

Ben McMillan

Erik Kuska

Charl Chilliers


Course Outline

Module 1: Mega Fundamentals Module- Solidify Your Artistic Foundation

An overview of what you need to get solid skills as a storyboard artist. Create a foundation for entering the job market with confidence. We go over the drawing foundation you need to execute storyboards including perspective, anatomy, composition and we go over exercises to build your draftsmanship.  In addition we cover a rock solid storyboard method to execute your scenes with confidence every time.  This is a key module for all Story Artists to go through. 

Module 2: Essential tools for the story artist

These are the tools and equipment you need for success. You do not need thousands of dollars in equipment. With basic tools you can start working as a pro today.  We cover the equipment you need, thought process, a practice regimen. The key here is to understand the fundamentals and apply them to any software.  Programs covered include Photoshop, Sketchbook, Toonboom, TVPaint, Premiere, Aftereffects.

Module 3: Learn Your Film Language

This is the lesson that will turn you from a movie fan into a filmmaker. You will learn the pillars of story structure and how to analyze films for use in your own work. Having a solid grasp on film history and what aspects are important will explode your skills to the next level. Get Sergio’s list of must watch films for the story artist.   You will gain expert knowledge on how to analyze films and sequence so you can apply those methods in your own work.  Any story artist working on their own stories will benefit greatly from this module.

Module 4: Working from a script- Action scenes

Put your knowledge to work and start breaking down a script visually. Learn how to incorporate subtext even when it’s not written in the script. With this module we take an action scene and apply a unique approach to choreography and staging. Conceptualizing action is in high demand in all areas of visual storytelling from video games to superhero movies. This is the first of your portfolio exercises to create an impactful scene full of solid action properly paced and posed out.  We cover action choreography, fight staging, car chases, flight rules and more.

Module 5: Advanced camera tricks and staging

Applying your camera and film knowledge takes technical skills to make the drawings flow. This includes solid 2D animation skills to pose and give a strong illusion of depth. Creative staging of characters and action beats give visual richness and style to your projects. We show you how to create efficiency and maximize your camera set ups. Using camera lenses is a big topic that needs to be fully understood by a Story Artist. After this module you will know when to use what type of lens and why for the most visual impact.

Module 6: Portfolio work- Comedy scenes

Comic timing, and visual comedy should be a foundation for all story artists. This is another pilar in our portfolio exercises to understand comic staging that you can apply to any project.  Always a fun topic, comedy scenes are hugely important for the animation story artist. We go through comedic staging and how to invent gags for the most appeal.

Module 7: Portfolio work- Dramatic scenes

This is an often overlooked subject for story artists. Realistic dramatic emotion in your scene is hard to pull off well. You will learn a step by step approach to avoid having to do revisions and get your emotions right the first time. This approach is thinking as an actor would and getting inside your characters to make the staging and emotions believable. Camera work and subtext are hugely important in a dramatic scene. We will be building on everything learned in previous modules to pull off a powerful emotional experience.

Module 8: Discover Your Signature Style

Learn the traits that will make your personal style in demand for your entire career. Once you understand how to apply your unique way of thinking to a story, your job opportunities will expand because no one else can do what you do. This module helps unlock your potential by discovering your strengths and improving your weaknesses. You begin to think as a director and visualize the end project from the development of your images. Having a unique style to your storytelling will make you a valuable and marketable artist in the film industry.

Module 9: Working in a studio environment

This is a breakdown of what is involved in a studio setting. Teamwork and integrating yourself in the project style is what it’s all about. Here you will build versatility and learn to tackle all aspects of studio work. Avoid the common pitfalls that could get you fired and instead get on the right track for promotions. This is a career focused module that will improve the ability to work inside a real production.

Module 10: Previz

The industry is changing rapidly and a well rounded story artist should also know about 3D cameras and Previz methods. This module unlocks a whole new approach to storytelling and gives you more ammunition when seeking jobs and clients. Learn how to block a scene with proper timing, 2.5D storyboard skills, camera lenses and more. We will take a scene in Maya and show you how to pose out characters and block cameras even if you have no 3D experience. No need to learn how to model or light in 3D. Even with basic camera and animation tools you can create powerful previz scenes with strong impact.

Module 11: Money, Contracts and the Fine Print

Find out how much you are worth as an artist and how to negotiate for a good rate.  We show you what contracts to use and when to use them. Even if you are a foreign artist you can still navigate visas and contracts with confidence. This module gives you insider knowledge that can only come from professional experience. Freelance artists and studio artist alike will gain a huge leap to help improve their career and artist rates.

Module 12: Story Artist Launch Strategy

With the work in the previous modules you can create a portfolio and start making those industry contacts. We cover portfolios, resumes, events, and interviews. Putting it all together to be the best artist possible and land the story jobs you want is the focus. Find out how to design your professional presence and portfolio to land a full time studio gig. With this module you will have the professional presence you need to succeed in the business.

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  • How is the course content delivered?

Once you sign up we will set up an account for you and give you access to all the material and exclusive content in the course. This includes all of the bonus materials as well.  All of the modules live on our StoryboardArt website and you get lifetime access to the videos, lessons, templates and other content included. All lessons are delivered in HD and can be watched streaming from any browser.

  •  When does the Mentorship officially begin?

The Mentorship starts with Module 1 on October 4th, 2021.  We start together as a group and will schedule the live review mentors sessions during that first month of the course. Get ready for action!

  •  What software or set up do I need?

This course focuses mostly on story techniques that can be used with any software package and even the good ol' fashioned  way of pencil and paper. You do not need any special software for the course. That said, we will be talking about digital tools and techniques within different software packages throughout the course. This includes, Adobe suite, Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook, TVPaint, Blender, Maya, and Toonboom to name a few. You will also benefit greatly if you have a way to do digital drawings such as a tablet, ipad pro, Wacom Cintiq, or Microsoft surface. If none of that is available to you, you can still use traditional media like pencils and markers on paper. Simply scan them in or take hi res photos to share your progress in the Live Reviews. For any other questions about materials please contact us directly. 

  •   How do the Live Review sessions work?

Every two weeks we join a live, members only, online Zoom Call where we all interact and show our work in progress submissions. The Mentors review each artist one at a time and give feedback and advice on how to improve the shots or critical things to work on.  This comes from the film industry where we typically do “dailies” where the Director or supervisor will review everyone's sequences and request changes. This is a valuable and influential experience, as getting direct feedback from an experienced artist has always been the most beneficial way to learn. Not only that, but this is a chance to ask questions or show problems you might be running into and get help fixing these issues. The best part is - we go through this as a team, which means we all get to see each other's work, and cheer each other on and encourage others as we go forward, or help answer questions or share information, links and other resources.  It really is the most valuable part of the course, having this camaraderie as we conquer every step of the Mentorship Series together.

  •  I live outside of the USA - what time are these Live Review sessions held?

We have two live review sessions for the group to try and hit the most time zones.  One session will work best with European schedules while another session will work better for west coast North America. The live reviews are scheduled during the weekdays on Thursday and Friday.  We try and make these sessions as accessible as possible this way no matter what time zone you're in, there will be a session that fits within your schedule.  Even if you miss a session, all sessions are recorded and posted to our private course archive. 

  • Do I need to speak in these live reviews or what if I don't have anything to show?

If you're not too confident in this area and don't want to speak out loud, you're more than welcome to use our chat room which is part of our reviews. Some people who may not be confident about their English or simply don't want to talk, or they're at work so they can't speak, simply use the chat feature to type their questions or post their work. You also have the ability to use a webcam too, for those who are the opposite. But either way there are plenty of options here to fit all of us and make it easiest for us to participate.  Lastly - if you don't have anything to show, feel free to log in and listen. There are plenty of artists who will show up just to watch and see what everyone else is doing. This is totally fine and encouraged, it's better for you to be there than to miss out, and it's very inspiring seeing a lot of the other artists' work, as well as being part of the great knowledge and information shared at every session. 

  • How much time do I need to make the most of the Story Artist Mentorship?

The reason this course is spaced over a large amount of time is so we can comfortably keep on top of everything without fail. This is a course where we can grow over time and improve but also keep up, rather than feeling overwhelmed. So this course is spaced out very carefully so things aren't too overwhelming and we can put in the needed amount of time to really make our work look great. This has been a very critical part of the design of the course - to ensure we do have time, even with family, work, and life commitments.

If you can spare at least 2 hours a week, you'll be able to make the most of this course. The more time you put in, the better, but a minimum of 2 hours every week is important. If you can't spare 2 hours each week, then maybe this course isn't right for you, or at least not right now until you're able to free up a bit more time.  

Sometimes life happens, and so we fall behind a little, but it's fairly easy to catch up again when our time frees up. Never feel stressed that you are behind if that is the case.  Just put in a bit of extra time and get back up to speed. We're all here to help each other. What makes this course great for keeping on track is that we are all going at our own pace, but we're all helping and motivating each other.

  • What is the best advice for going through the Story Artist Mentorship?

My best advice is to have an end goal. Whether it's to break into the industry, or to step up to bigger story teams, break into freelance, secure a full-time job, set up your own studio or make your own film. Whatever your goal is, have a clear goal before you start so you know where you want to go with the course. By having a goal and knowing where you are now, you can measure your success as you move forward and where to focus to really get there. Whether it's getting a new portfolio, or focusing on core areas you need to work on and better yourself, setting these goals now will guide you throughout the course,  and all of us can look back afterwards at how much we've grown a year from now.

Think forward a year, do you want to be where you are right now, or do you want a change in your career path?  If you are struggling to really come to terms with exactly what you want and need guidance, please message us directly. That's what we are here for.   

  • Will this course work for me if I'm not yet in the industry or I'm still a student?

I love that we do have a diverse group of people in the StoryboardArt community.  Some artists have professional experience and others do not. What's exciting is to see the growth in artists and be there when they really feel like they get it and the information really clicks.  By making an immersive course, a course that is ambitious and advanced, but explained thoroughly enough, it's going to be straight forward for you to follow even if you aren't yet in the industry. This is the course that will get you INTO the industry.  So even if you are a beginner you can still follow along. In addition, this is why we offer a 30-day guarantee. Try out the course, and if you don't love it, send us an email, show us you've done the exercises, and get 100% refund. No catch, no tricks. 

  •  I'm looking for a new job will this help me?

Yes, even half of the way through the Story Artist Mentorship you will have a number of exercises that you can use in your portfolio to apply for jobs. Your story examples will reflect completing real sequences for visual storytelling using all of the latest techniques and approaches, demonstrating not only can you work on a narrative stories, but you can handle tough story assignments with confidence. 

  • What is the difference between this course and other college level storyboarding courses out there?

This course, goes for over 40+weeks, with every module containing in-depth high-end lessons on subject matter not available anywhere else, online or anywhere. This course is by far the most robust course we've ever taught, whether it be online, or even private classes that we've taught at Lucasfilm, Siggraph, CTN, or many other events. I can honestly say nothing else out there is like this.

Colleges and universities try their best to give storyboarding classes or film classes but nothing out there will take you to the finish line with your portfolio. Plus tuition at these schools for one year can cost up to $30,000!! And you still don’t the skills you need to land a job.   For typical university courses like this you are expected to pay something in the price range of $4,500 per term and not even all the classes will be visual storytelling related. The only way to get the kind of intense learning found inside the Mentorship is to get hired by the big studios and learn the hard way on the inside from other veteran artists... if they are willing to take the time to Mentor you. How can you land the jobs you want if you do not have insider access to veteran pros?

We solved that problem inside the Story Artist Mentorship. This is the best learning environment for Story Artists that we have found. 


1. All Access Pass to StoryboardArt Courses

$2500 Value

  • Tim Burgard Live Action Storyboarding Workshop
  • Tony Santo Freelancing Course
  • Story Artist Networking Course
  • Drawing Training Sessions
  • Robert Valley Advanced Photoshop Techniques
  • All previous online events
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Contract templates
  • Storyboard Templates
  • And much more Story Training Content

2. Exclusive Industry Talk with Artist Tim Burgard

During his 30 year career as a storyboard artist Tim Burgard has worked on some of the most blockbuster films with the industry’s top filmmakers. Tim knows how to make winning compositions and bring out that dynamic action to every scene. You get to hear direct from Tim on the latest buzz behind the blockbuster movies and sound advice to breaking into the business including unions, networking, the future of storyboards and more.

$200 Value

3. Exclusive Drawing lecture from Nick Sung

$250 Value

While Nick was at Pixar he trained many artist on the inside with a winning drawing method for storytelling. Nick gives us a lecture on the best ways to simplify your drawings and train your eye to see dynamic gestures.

4. The Complete Animatic Storyboard Challenge Course


Get full access to all the lessons, scripts, templates and materials inside Sergio’s intensive training course. You get lifetime access to this valuable resource you can use for your own stories and jobs.





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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that if you put in the work, this Mentorship is going to be a game-changer for you. This course has a 30 day 100% refund guarantee that starts when the course begins not from when you sign up. This means you get to try it out and participate for a full 30 days - and for whatever reason if you decide that the course isn't right for you, and as long as you can prove that you've done the work - we will gladly refund the entire cost of the course.
This removes the entire risk from you - and places it entirely on us.

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