The Animatic Storyboard Challenge

Learn visual storytelling working from a script and creating a video story reel


Animation Director Sergio Paez shows you how to storyboard a dramatic scene from a script and create an animatic.   Each lesson includes a unique challenge assignment so you can get feedback from Sergio and the group to apply the knowledge right away. We take an existing script and go through all the steps involved from conception to final export.  Follow along with each step and create your own version for your portfolio. 

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Here's what you'll learn in the challenge

Lesson 1- Breakdown the Script

Take a raw script and prep the staging and shots with your thumbnail pass. Here you plan out the structure of your sequence for the most visual appeal.  We talk about finding reference, setting up your files, and ideas for maximum visual interest. Follow along with the script pages and come up with your own interpretation of the script.

Lesson 2- The Thumbnail Pass

After your first thumbnails take a hard look at the compositions and shot efficiency. Here you will prep the first pass drawings for presenting to your client or director. We tests different software programs and show you some shortcuts for speed.

Lesson 3- The Storyboard Pass

We use the Story Artist Checklist to make sure all the story points are covered.  Here you will prep the drawings for your clean up pass. We show you a layout method you can use for complex camera moves.

Lesson 4- Clean up pass On Your Storyboards

This lesson covers drawing techniques and shortcuts to polish your storyboard panels. This pass will add solid poses and hookups in your drawings. With all major poses you can edit your animatic with confidence.   We cover drawing techniques, different methods to show camera movers, naming conventions and more. 

Lesson 5- Create Your Story Reel Animatic

This lesson brings everything together to finalize the animatic. We cover creating a solid story animatic with proper timing and temp audio in a professional editing program. This animatic pass is an attractive show piece for any director or production.

Animatics and story reels are being used in almost every major film and narrative production.  Understanding how to take a raw script page and turn it into an exciting sequence is a fundamental skill every story artist and filmmaker should have.  

Led by Director - SERGIO PAEZ

Sergio Paez is an animation director and veteran story artist with over 20 years of industry experience. Sergio was an episodic director on the Emmy Award winning  series Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Rebels from Lucasfilm. His film credits in the United States and Europe include projects for Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony, and Sega.  Sergio is a founding member of the visual storytelling community  Sergio‚Äôs book "Professional Storyboarding: Rules of Thumb" is the definitive guide for the story professional.


get feedback from the instructor

Throughout the challenge event you have Sergio Paez and the StoryboardArt team at every step of the way, so you can move forward with the exercises and get clear instruction on how to resolve any doubts you may have.


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Each lesson is designed so you can easily follow every step.  Simply follow each lesson, visibly improve with each submission and get a professional piece to include in your portfolio.
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